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Hi! I'm Chrissy

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I'm the Founder of Mindful Breakthrough - Change your thoughts, change your life

Mindfulness Coach & Facilitator

Join me today in Creating the REST of your life to become the BEST of your life!

This photo was taken not to long after my 60th Birthday, l remember being extremely nervous and excited all at the same time (it was taken at a cafe in St.Kilda) just prior to going to participate in a skydive that my son (Karl & daughter Jess) got me for a 60th birthday present, l am not sure why as l had never mentioned that it was something l wanted to do.  However l decided rather than be fearful and think of all the things that could possibly go wrong, l chose to say out loud that l was excited and going to allow myself to have an amazing experience.  Well l managed to get a very experienced skydiver that attached himself to me and l have to say he was full of confidence and an absolutely lovely man, hence l straight away trusted him and felt like l just knew everything was going to go well, which it absolutely did, I have to say it was one of the most memorable and exciting experiences of my life!  My son and daughter came and watched right there when l landed, my son had already experienced such an event when he turned 18 so he knew exactly how l felt when we landed safely.  My reason for sharing this experience with you is that it truly is incredible when you make a decision to change your mindset and trust in the process magic truly does happen. 


I was introduced to Mindfulness probably around 15 years ago where l participated in a Mindfulness course that was being run at Monash University by Dr Craig Hassed and Richard Chamberlain l loved these courses so much and spoke to Craig Hassed one day mentioning that l facilitated small meditation classes at a local community centre, as l had done copius amounts of self development work over the years, anyway he suggested that l book into what they called a train the trainers course (next level up so l could become a facilitator) now since the COVID19 l am facilitating on Live FB pages for students in the evening and during the day on ZOOM for staff and students, which has also been a learning thing for me as l have always being used to having people in a room with me.   This is just one of many stories l could share with you.   When you continue to walk your talk, practice what you preach again magical things just seem to start happening.  So l always keep my promises to myself and continue to show up daily by maintaining the courage to have the commitment  and consistency everyday.    My why is easy for me as l already know the benefits and l see with my own eyes how this truly transforms people in time when they are ready.  I never work with anyone who is not ready to really want to make the changes and commit.  Sometimes people need someone else that works differently to me, l know l am not always going to say what people want to here and it is ok for them to work with someone that they feel their true connections with.  I do know when a person says YES to working with me l will dedicate 100% of myself to assist them in getting the results that they are wanting to achieve.   

I am extremely passionate about what l do.  So join your new journey in creating The  REST of your life to become the  BEST  of your life!   Lets continue to pave the way for future generations to do what they Love and Love what they do! 

WHY :  Because you deserve it, we all deserve to find true Happiness and Freedom in our lives and grow to becoming the Best version of ourselves whilst here on this planet we call earth.  Join me by clicking the link below and getting started and having lots of Fun & Laughter whilst experiencing what it is like to truly allow yourself the gift of creating amazing experiences in not only your life but the lives of everyone you touch along the way!

My qualifications 

Certified:  Nuero - Linguistic Practitioner (NLP)


                      Time Line Therapy

                      Mindful Awareness Facilitator

                      Meditation Facilitator

                      Reiki Master  11

                      Spiritual Advisor

                       Visualization Graduate

                       Mindfulness + Awareness= Happiness Coach

                       Accredited Certificates from the Coaching institute of Melbourne are:-

                        Foundations of Coaching Success (October 2020)

                        Meta Dynamics Foundations Training (January 2021)

                        Business skills level II  (February 2021)

                        Meta Dynamics Level II (March  2021)

Companies that l have worked with in the above areas

  • Monash University

  • Victoria Police Force

  • Lotus Chiropractic Centre

  • Local Community centres on the Mornington Peninsula

  • Secondary and Primary Schools

  • Live Facebook Mindfulness sessions

  • Zoom meetings - Facilitator

  • Guest speaker at functions


                      Working with the Victoria Police Force was very much passion of mine as l was married to a Police officers for 25 years of which we had two children together (he is no longer on this planet earth)


                    A dedicated human being on the planet to serve whilst practising daily to become the Best version of myself.



Explore Mindfulness With Me

Workshops & Retreats

Eight Week Workshops and Weekend  Retreats are being prepared keep any eye on this space for future dates as soon as dates are confirmed you will receive the information, feel free to email me below to advise that you would like to be notified in due course giving you specific information and dates.   Week end Retreats are focused on all aspects of your Health & Wellbeing to assist you in learning about Paying attention to what it is you are doing and more importantly how you are being when your doing it and how you would like to be doing and being!  Join into these weekend retreats to gain the results into transforming you into the person your deep soul would like to become every day for the rest of your life!

Speaking - Workshops and Emergency Services

Speaking on stages or to large groups of people is something l love to do by creating an impact in peoples lives.  One of the most impacting l had the pleasure was speaking, facilitating a week end of Mindfulness to members of the Victorian Police Force (having been married to a police officer for 25 years) I was able to resonate with them and gain their trust very quickly, this was wonderful to see as most of these men and woman had not practiced any of the exercises l spoke about however they where very open once the heard a little bit about my story.  My passion is to help people learn how to create the rest of their lives to become the best of their lives in all areas and a working environment is a great place to start.  

Corporate Training

Facilitating many Mindful awareness sessions with Staff and Students at Monash University has allowed me to understand when staff become more aware of  their true love and passion this has created a much happier and fun working environment.   Bring me into your work place and first of all have a Coaching session with you The  Boss, Owner, CEO, Director it is so important for me to connect with you first to understand what it is you are wanting to achieve for not only yourself but your staff.  What kind of relationships do you have with your work colleagues and how are you communicating?  Do you know how to bring out the best attributes of your staff?

 Lets face it we spend a lot of time in our working environment so it is really important to do what you Love and Love what you do.    If you are not getting the Best out of your employees what can you do differently?  Let me come and get the answers to your questions and create the results that you are looking for by creating a working environment where yourself and your staff are Thriving whilst just love being at work.   

Learn how to empower your staff so they feel appreciated and connected with a passion to want to help you grow your business.  Looking at personalities and asking questions of staff about what lights them up, you will find when staff are happy in the working environment it prevents staff sickies, awkward moments, things running smoothly.  Transform yourself and you will transform your staff.

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