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Change unhealthy habits by changing your thinking, will create healthy habits very fast!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Yes it truly Can alter your life over time, The truth is to Let it Begin with YOU!

The end of my day watching the sunset and allowing some Balance in my Life!
Changing Unhealthy Habits by changing your thinking will create Healthier Habits very fast!

This is part of the Growth Package offer if you seriously are wanting and willing to break unhealthy habits your in the right place at the right time! See the link below to book in for a free session to discuss further:

One of the things l believe is that every human on the planet at some stage in their life feels Unbalanced

Bringing AWARENESS into your life of what your daily habits are NOW!

Today is the day you can finally make that decision to say YES to to Adding Life to your years by getting started!
Let me take you by the hand, be by your side every step of the way so you can show me what you want your life to look like for you and only you! Then let me work with you on a daily basis to bring it to reality! Start your new Journey of Discovering who you really are and l can guarantee it will be a Fun experience!
Here's the first thing that l will ask you to participate in, which is from the time you get up in the morning (whatever time that may be) to the time you go to bed at night! First thing to do is go and purchase a journal for yourself, write the date and time whilst Paying attention and noting everything in your day that you do! examples: -
1. What time of the morning do you wake up? (are you aware of your thoughts? notice what you are thinking about, is it negative or positive? Bring you journal with you today where ever you are going to be. Trust me this is going to help you become aware of what you consciously do (noticing) and unconsciously do (being on autopilot).
2. Once you get out of bed what do you do then? When & what do you have for breakfast? When do you make your bed? clean your house? have your shower? Also note whenever you eat, snack or drink (whatever that might be water, coffee, tea, alcohol) please do not leave anything out.
3. Who are you with throughout your day, what are some of the conversations about - also write down some of the ways you might be feeling after you have eaten or spoken to another person (ie were you happy with the conversation, where you happy with the way you responded to any kind of conversation. If you have children what are the routines you have with them and your partner notice the types of conversations you have and how you respond. Let your family know that you are involving yourself in an exercise today which is why you have to keep stopping every so often throughout your day to make notes, this is not an exercise to sit down and do in the evening as l am sure there are certain things that you may forget or just not want to write down. So this is about you really being honest with yourself (no lies) just the hard core truth.
4. If you are working still continue to make these notes, who do you converse with at work, what kind of topics are discussed? How do you see yourself engaging in these conversations? Be very specific with your information.
5. What takes place in the afternoon and evening, do you have any pets? how do you take care of them? What do you have for dinner are you the main cook in the house? What kind of conversations do you have in the evening (if any). Do you watch TV? if so what kind of shows do you watch? Do you read? What kind of books do you read? Do you look at social media, if so how much of your time is spent looking at your phone or computer and what are you actually looking at and finding yourself taking notice of? What time do you go to bed and how well do you sleep?
This is a very important exercise to participate in whilst being as honest as you possibly can be with yourself, and with me, otherwise l am not going to be able to work with you the way that is going to be of most benefit to you. Please do not worry as l am not here to make any judgement of who you are or what you do, I am sincerely here to hold your hand along the way to creating the changes that you are wanting to create in your life, l am not here to tell you what you should or should not do, or how you should or should not behave. I am here to walk beside you on this journey. You see this is something that l wish l had throughout different times of my life someone that could accept me for who l really was, someone l could trust, someone that could support me and cheer me along when something worked out well for me. Someone totally authentic, honest, passionate about truly guiding the way for you to experience the absolute Joy and happiness we can experience in all areas of our life once we give ourselves PERMISSION! I cannot change you, l can only bring you the wisdom and guidance that l have learnt and practised over many years! It is true that saying "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" Well l know l am always going to be on a journey of self discovery and learning, however l have allowed myself to always be the student to my personal teachers that l now confide in and hold trust friendship and respect for, This is part of my passion to be your teacher and show you the loving guidance in creating the Rest of your Life to be the Best of your Life! Jump on board and give yourself permission to get started!
Monash University was where l started my training in Mindfulness many years ago with Dr. Craig Hassed and Dr. Richard Chamberlain. Mindvalley is where l found my teachers and confidants Vishen Lakhiani - Mindvalleys HO is in Tallin, Estonia of which l plan to visit in the future. The Coaching institute of Melbourne is where l am continuing my study and growth on my journey of being accredited, Sharon Pearson, Matt Lavaars and Joe Pane are my mentors at the moment. When l am ready the teachers appear!!!! Growth never stops.

Please feel free to go into the above link and peruse as l trained with some of the best mentors, teachers and gained some amazing connections of people that l have in my life today that are like minded and really care about people and the world we live in! To aspire to become the best version does not mean that you have to create massive things in life, once you learn more about what turns you on, flicks your switch, rocks your boat, lights your fire - these are the secrets you will start to get in touch with that have been hidden in your soul for many years and once you allow them out, you will never want to go back to some of those old patterns even though at first it can be challenging to say good bye to them as they have been part of our being for many years (beliefs, values that we have been told from our parents, school teachers etc that can cloud our judgement of who we really are) When l started transforming into the real true authentic fun loving Chrissy l just could not get enough and every time l went back to my old ways l could see and feel how destructive they were and how much l was only hurting myself l was very quickly able to catch myself and just say STOP l do not need to do that to myself anymore, l have created a new version of myself and l absolutely LOVE it! You can create this too sometimes we need some guidance along the way from the teachers that resonate with you and want to help you get there at your pace!

Answer the questions below and email me NOW to find out how you can create healthier habits!

Do you pay attention to the way you are feeling throughout your day?

Are you a positive kind of person however you feel as though something is missing in your life?

Would you like to discover how to break what you know to be habits that are not serving you?

Are you willing and able to dive in and say Yes to you?


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