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The Importance of daily exercise to gain Balance and wellbeing in your life!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Find out what works for you to become Physical by moving your body - Find your "Hour of Power" find the movement that raises your vibration.

This is an area where l will work with you to gain the best outcome to start you on your self discovery journey in the essential's package to book this package click on the link below:

This is a photo of when l felt so incredibly fit and healthy, l know to continue to feel and look this way l have to take responsibility for my own actions so l have non negotiable rituals that l action daily! What l like to call my "Hour of Power"

Each day l like to be physical, I do not find it difficult to motivate myself purely because l know how good l FEEL afterwards. I prefer to exercise early in the day as it helps my day to be in flow, and l have made a choice to Thrive rather than Survive. l also like to mix it up some, so l have listed a few things that l enjoy in regards to being physical (due to COVID19 l have had to get creative) I am unable to attend the gym, which l would normally go to 3 to 4 times a week.

1. Due to the fact that l love the outdoors - I like to ride my pushbike for 25 min to a destination where there are a lot of steps then l will go up (2 steps at a time) and down 3 times 10 min and then ride home along the foreshore 25 min - (now l do put my bike in a gear that is quite challenging so l am working up a nice sweat) this process takes me approximately one hour.

2. I also love swimming so if l have any back aches, which l can sometimes have l take myself off to an olympic size pool (which is nearby) and swim 60 laps of the pool which takes approx one hour, or weather pending l will walk across the road to the beach and swim in the sea, l find this very invigorating and like the fact that there is no chlorine smell.

3. If the weather is not so great l have purchased an online yoga burn program, which is awesome the class takes 45 minutes with the last 15 minutes slowing down then a beautiful 5 minute meditation.

5. In the warmer weather l will briskly walk to the beach and walk for a few kilometres through the water up to my hips, l find that this helps me to hold in my core muscles whilst really feeling it on my legs. Or taking out a stand up paddle board or a canoe (this is great and fun for me) I do love the water hence why l live so close to a beautiful beach.

6. I also Love to Dance (ballroom, Jive any kind of dancing really) it is so much fun and you really have to focus when you are learning dance steps, so a wonderful mindful exercise to participate in.

I do love to walk with my beautiful newfoundland dog as well (which l do 20 minutes twice a day) this is more of a leisurely walk along the beach.

These are just a few things that l do for my "Hour of Power"

So what are some things that you enjoy to do to move your body and get physical?

How can you make time in your day for your "Hour of Power"

“Do you want more clarity in your day whilst feeling confident with your decision making.”

Yes this does take - Commitment, Consistency and Courage however if you work out what it is that you Love to do why not make time in your day to go and do it, sometimes we make up all sorts of excuses to not do this ie: l do not have time, l have kids to take care of, believe it or not these are excuses that we make. One thing l often say to a lot of people is if you want to go out for a 30 minute walk and you have kids (you may be a single mum) take your kids with you let them have an experience of being out in nature, even if your kids do not want to do this if you say you want to and you would love them to come with you trust me they will eventually come and start enjoying that experience of being with you on that 30 minute walk. sometimes we can create win/win circumstances where everyone is having a good experience.

I would like to share with you some of my rituals - getting out of bed early every day go for a walk outside in the fresh air with my beautiful Newfoundland dog (Mr. Squid) (l love it) get home do 15 minutes of yoga - 10 minutes meditation (l love that) This is where l fit in my "Hour of Power" then have a nice hot shower prior to getting out the last 30 seconds l turn the cold tap on and yes it is cold a bit of a shock but l get out feeling Alive and ready for my day ( I have a clear head - whatever l am doing working, communicating with others, attending a meeting, brainstorming with other coaches, cooking, eating, having meaningful experiences with my family, having some relaxation time l love music, l love to dance, l love to watch documentaries or a good movie that makes me laugh . l fill my day with many exciting, happy, joyful moments . What are some of the things that you love doing? Life is here to be enjoyed, get curious, get to know and understand who you are from the inside out. Allow yourself to have adventure, fun, laughter and lots of loving. (Why because you DESERVE it) Ask yourself a question now. By bringing these practices into my life daily has given me the opportunity to continue to create more clarity, confidence and better decisions in all areas of my life.

What do you want out of life?

Have a think about this and write down three answers to that question and email me to share this with me as l would love to work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Get Inspired

This is a wonderful time to make that change one day at a time by saying YES to creating the REST of your Life to become the BEST of your life - make an appointment with me now for your first free session and l promise you that l will devote my utmost as a mentor / Mindfulness + Awareness = Happiness coach to assist you 100% to help you DISCOVER what lights you up! I can honestly say the journey l have started on by saying YES to life has changed all areas of my life and l could not be happier to be of service in helping you discover your goals, aspirations and dreams. The power of now is where it starts, trust yourself if this feels right for you now listen to your intuition and start the process one step at a time.

Email the answers to my questions below or book your first Free consultation now

Do you have low energy throughout your days?

What kind of physical movement are you doing now?

What is one thing you love to do that creates movement in your body?

Are you self motivated?

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