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"Mindfulness Meditation and everything in between"

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

"Mindful Meditation can create a wonderful sense of calmness, reduce anxiety, whilst learning to be still with your own thoughts and emotions"

Chrissy Meditating at Safety Beach!
Mindfulness Meditation

Guidance with Meditation is part of the Essential package to book yourself into this package or a free 45 min coaching session for further discussion please see the link below to do so.

You might find this somewhat uncomfortable at first if you have never allowed yourself the experience, mindful meditation is a wonderful way to learn to tap into your own inner soul (wisdom, intuition) this has a beautiful way of allowing you to listen to the guidance of your intuition rather than being afraid of what may come up for you. You see l believe we all have a higher self (spirit, god of your understanding) it is just that some of us choose not to listen. I always like to mention that the word LISTEN has the same letters in it as SILENT. So often when we take the time to be still with silence our answers will come to us when we are ready to Listen. Meditation is something that you can participate in for a few minutes at a time which is what we like to call a pause. If you find that you are noticing it beneficial you can start to practice for longer periods which is what we like to call a full stop. Just a gentle reminder that there is no right or wrong way to meditate it is more about you just being with your own thoughts (be curious about your thoughts reminding yourself that it is just a thought) allowing it to come in and letting it go again, just like the waves of the ocean they come in and go out. Quite simple really, it is when we complicate things that it can become difficult, so it is not about trying to have a blank mind as the mind never stops thinking. The more you practice coming back to the present moment throughout your day with your breath or senses you will find that you will start to cultivate this practice and become more focused on what you are doing and feeling rather than just doing things on autopilot (for example brushing your teeth, having a shower, breathing, walking. driving a car) often we are not really present as these are automatic for us. So when you start to tap into these experiences mindfully and become more aware you will start to notice what stresses you out and perhaps look at what you can do to start making some small daily positive changes in your life.

Please see the link below to a Meditation l wrote some time ago and my son Karl is playing the guitar in the background -This meditation is focused on creating Harmony in your life. I have also popped a link of an interview that was created with a beautiful lady Melissa Walsh that attended a six week Mindfulness course l facilitated and Lotus Chiropractic centre, she talks about the benefits for herself and how it has changed a lot of things in her life whilst feeling it is definitely a practice she can continue for living a better and happier life more consistently. As she states it is like the best thing you can give to yourself it actually makes you feel like your living, not just surviving, l realised l can be happy no matter what my circumstance as there is always something to be grateful for. It actually made me feel like l have become my very own best friend. Listen to Melissa share about a breakthrough moment that occurred for her with her daughter at the time, by changing something she did and trying it on.

Meditations to listen to

Interview with Melissa

“Small Daily Steps, Create BIG change”

This is something l live by as if l try to make things happen to quickly l can become overwhelmed. So by taking small steps each day all of a sudden overtime something quite big will change and once reflecting back how far you have come is when you will really notice how much you have grown. Often things will happen for you in ways that you would never have imagined.

A saying that l once read from Muhammad Rumi and found very valuable was -

"When l try to run after what l think l want, my days are a furnace of distress and anxiety, If l sit in my own place of patience, what l need flows to me, and without any pain. From this l understand that what l want also wants me, its looking for me and attracting me. There is a great secret in this for anyone who can grasp it".

How cultivating Meditation can bring more clarity and vision - the next step is when you find this becomes a positive habit for you then ask for guidance and create Inspirational Vision Board!

For those of you that have never created a Vision chart, it is a fun and great thing to create. The best way to start one is by getting a big piece of board or a large piece of butchers paper, get some glue, coloured pencils or textas to draw pictures, some old magazines to cut picture or words from. Then start looking through what you have and when you see something that makes your heart sing (in other words you really truly LOVE it cut it out or a word or sentence you might see that brings a positive feeling for you, anything that takes your fancy ie a house you would like to live in, a place you would like to visit, a person you would like to meet whether famous or not, shoes, handbag, clothes, what do you love in your life it could be an animal, dog, horse or cat, a beautiful flower, garden or river. a nice suite that you have your eye on, happy family frolicking amongst the flowers, a beautiful beach or sky, a particular car that you like the look of, a job or career you would like whilst adding the sort of income you would like to earn. Allow your imagination to go wild here and just enjoy the process without expectations. Whatever it is for you just have fun with it. This is also something that you can participate in with family or friends and make it a fun day of creating. Then when you have finished you can share some of your Dreams, goals, visions with your friends and family. Then hang it or tape it to a wall in your room, preferably somewhere you will see it often

Something l want to share with you which is why l love the idea of Vision boards!

The first time I created a vision board when l was facilitating a Positive Retreat workshop for 10 people in my home, and l decided it would be fun to have everyone participate in creating their own vision board, l had purchased lots of magazines, stickers sparkles all sorts of things to work with, we had an absolute great afternoon creating and we all shared different stories around our visions. Any way l heard from a few of the ladies that attended the workshop some time later telling how amazed they were that quite of few things they have put up on their vision boards had come to fruition. and some in ways that they would never have imagined, which l was extremely happy about and also the fact that they were so excited to share this with me. So some of the things back then which was around 12 years ago that l had put on my vision board were

  1. A picture of Olivia Newton John - as l wanted to meet her in person

  2. A picture of the Dalia Lama - I wanted to meet him in person too.

  3. Hot Red car

There were quite a few other things on my chart but l wanted to share these three things because at the time l thought these were literally just wild dreams and never really thought they could become a reality. How ever within 12 months all of the above things actually occurred in my life in ways that l would never have imagined. I always love to tell the story about meeting the Dalai Lama as this was a very special event in my life, well l was on my computer one day at home doing some work and an add popped up saying something about the Dalai Lama coming to Melbourne and they were promoting a VIP breakfast which there were not many tickets for and it was quite expensive and l remember at the time looking at that and thinking OMG that would be so Awesome to go to the breakfast l felt like a big burst of warmth in my heart but then realised it was far to expensive for me to go, so l continued on with my work and didn't think much more about it, anyway l kid you not about 5 minutes after that happened one of my sisters phoned me on the landline as l think l had a mobile but we did not use them as we do in today's world. She mentioned to me that she had received two tickets to go to the Dalia Lama's breakfast and would l like to go with her. Well l could not Believe it l said YES l would love to! I was so excited and thanked my higher power immensely then proceeded to do a Happy dance around my house, went along and listened to him speak on a stage there were only around 100 people in the room and afterwards l actually went and spoke with him and he shook my hand and l have to tell you it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The other stories are really cool too meeting ONJ was another highlight for me. Of course l did end up purchasing a Bright Red Holden Cruz which was a new car out at the time and l had never owned a new car in my life. So the reason l am sharing this with you is things can and do happen when you allow your imagination to flow for a day whilst creating things to put on your vision board that excite you and give you that warm feeling inside of your heart.

So get cracking and have a go at creating your vision board whilst allowing yourself to have some Fun and Laughter on your own or with others its a GREAT thing to create.

Get Inspired

This is a wonderful time to make that change one day at a time by saying YES to creating the REST of your Life to become the BEST of your life - make an appointment with me now for your first free session and l promise you that l will devote my utmost as a mentor / Mindfulness + Awareness = Happiness coach to assist you 100% to help you DISCOVER what lights you up! I can honestly say the journey l have started on by saying YES to life has changed all areas of my life and l could not be happier to be of service in helping you discover your goals, aspirations and dreams. The power of now is where it starts, trust yourself if this feels right for you now listen to your intuition and start the process one step at a time.

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