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Eating Mindfully - Where Body & Soul Connect!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Become aware of the fresh yummy foods that make you feel energised and well, it is not always the same for everyone - however l can say fresh is absolutely best!

This is an area where l will work with you to get the best results for you in the essentials package

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Welcome to knowing that you can create food for yourself and your families that makes your mouth salivate just by looking at the food your about to eat. Please note this is not about dieting, it is about you becoming more mindfully aware how different foods make you feel. Also getting more creative with food that does not take too much effort, this might include adding more fresh herbs and spices to create more flavour to your chicken stir fries or casseroles which can still be very healthy for you.

Where do you eat and how do you eat? Do you eat at your desk whilst working or in the car whilst driving or running out the door on the way to work? One of the most important things you can start to practice regarding mindfully eating is to sit at a table with your family and talk about what you are eating really enjoying the taste of the food, taking a little bit of time to allow it to digest and perhaps making your family aware of having an attitude of gratitude for your food has come from for example: - If you are eating a beautiful fresh strawberry reminding everyone that a person planted the seed to begin with, then another person came along and watered the seeds as they were growing, then once that strawberry is plump and ripe another person comes along to pick them and package then a truck driver will come to collect the punnets to deliver to the supermarket or fruit shop then you go along and purchase the items to bring to your table for you and your family to eat. The reason l am mentioning this is that often we can just take so much for granted and not always appreciating the time, work and effort that has gone into the foods that we so easily access. Also this can be a wonderful time to re connect with your family and have nice conversations at the dinner table instead of in front of a computer screen or the television, quite amazing when you start asking your kids a question like what was the most fun activity you did today, once the question has been asked just STOP talking yourself and really listen to their answers you will be amazed how much you can learn about your own family when you allow yourself a bit of extra time to sit at the dinner table and enjoy not only the food but creating special conversations and beautiful experiences that your children will always remember and as they grow appreciate meal times as being a special time with family.

“Do you want to start cultivating special experiences at the dinner table with your family"

Another way to be eating mindfully is to recognise why you are eating! Are you really hungry, or are you bored, or perhaps you are feeling anxious so you can turn to emotional eating. So if you really want to change your eating patterns you have to become aware of your habitual habits. This is where l can assist you as a coach to understand if this is an emotional pattern for you. Sometimes when we do not deal with our emotional patterns (because we do not always know where it comes from) this is where l can help you by having a conversation regarding a meaningful event in your life that you would like to change but do not know where to start. If you are sick of feeling tired, unwell or have pain in your body. Once you become aware that Food is Fuel for our bodies not something that we just consume far to much of because that's what everyone else does. As a society we consume way more food than our bodies require. I am not telling you to eat like a sparrow perhaps eat smaller portions throughout your day, be very aware of what you are putting in your mouth. For example if you go out for dinner and eat a entree, main, desert and perhaps a couple of glasses of wine how does it make you feel afterward - NOW l want you to be totally honest here. As l know if l did that l would seriously feel ill as my body does not need that much consumption in one sitting. Food and eating can cause so many problems for people in regards to their own health and wellbeing which is why this segment of mindfully eating is truly so important in your everyday life, especially if you want to feel fresh, energetic and alive throughout your day. It is true if you start to become more responsible for your own wellbeing you will start cultivating a healthier lifestyle as well as becoming a role model for your family and friends.

See below a couple of pictures of my son when he came to my house at the time to cook a mothers day breakfast which was very special for me and he has become an exceptional cook as is his now wife.

Get Inspired

This is a wonderful time to make that change one day at a time by saying YES to creating the REST of your Life to become the BEST of your life - make an appointment with me now for your first free session and l promise you that l will devote my utmost as a mentor / Mindfulness + Awareness = Happiness coach to assist you 100% to help you DISCOVER what lights you up! I can honestly say the journey l have started on by saying YES to life has changed all areas of my life and l could not be happier to be of service in helping you discover your goals, aspirations and dreams. The power of now is where it starts, trust yourself if this feels right for you now listen to your intuition and start the process one step at a time.

Below is a lovely affirmation shared by a friend of mine Amrit Sandhu from MindValley Australia -Inspired Revolution!

Email the answers to my questions below or book your first Free consultation now

What are your thoughts around food?

Do you notice reaching for food when feeling emotional?

Are you really hungry when you eat?

How do you feel 30 minutes after you have eaten?

Do you pay attention to when, where & how you are eating?

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