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My Top 6 Mindfulness Shifts for Living a Happier more Fulfilling Life!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

The three A's = Awareness, Acceptance and Action

The three C's = Courage, Commitment and Consistency

If you would like further assistance in creating change in your life by finding out what is stopping you from living and abundant life everyday see the link to the Breakthrough package below and l will work with you to create the way you would like your life to look, feel, hear and taste. No time like the present to get started on your self discovery journey and get your breakthrough happening:- You can book in for a free 45 min coaching session to discuss further.

The reason for posting this particular picture above is along my journey l found something that l truly enjoyed which was Dancing, so by having the Awareness and allowing myself to Accept that it was ok to learn from people that at the time l felt quite inferior of, l found the Courage inside of myself to take the Action and signed up for a membership with Marshere Dance Studios in Mornington and of course to learn more about my own abilities and become more confident l chose to make a Commitment to show up every Tuesday & Thursday evenings for three hours of learning new dances (Ballroom dances) whilst also being very physical, social, focussed attention and having bucket loads of Fun! I surprised myself so much by participating in what is know as achievement awards which start from Bronze up to Gold. I managed to complete a few of these over a couple of years receiving trophies along the way! I still love to Dance however with COVID19 coming along in 2020 most of the social closeness is unable to happen so a lot of the dance studios have had to close down. I know this is something when things change that l would like to continue as it is beneficial for the MIND (having to really pay attention and focus when learning a new dance) BODY (helped me in staying physically in shape whilst creating strength in the body by using muscles l had not used before) and SOUL (Enjoying the experience and having lots of FUN) The Instructors were very supportive and encouraging as were the other students and l loved that as l believe that is where the results are not about being competitive for me it was more about creating a win/win result for all concerned regardless of what level you were at! This is just one of many of experiences in life relating to these 6 Mindfulness Shifts!


In the dictionary the meaning of awareness is the state of being aware, or having knowledge of something.

So by Paying attention to our own behaviours, feelings and emotions is the time that you start to understand more about yourself , often we tend to be on auto-pilot and just do and say things automatically without giving to much thought to how we are being or how we can be effecting someone else around us as well as ourselves. It is often the case that these are traits that we have just learnt from our parents, relatives, teachers as for many years in our lives we are told how we should and should not behave! Which l believe is one of the many reasons why a lot of people just get caught up in drama or what is going on in someone else's life so they do not have to look at themselves and take responsibility for all of their decisions and actions rather than blaming other people or situations for our own circumstances! Of course life can bring with it a lot of things that are out of our control, however when something pops up that is unexpected or out of your control how do you actually deal with it at the time? When we STOP to Pause and take a breath prior to reacting our response can be totally different and it is only with Awareness can we notice how we are being by not feeling like we need to have all the answers! Awareness is a wonderful thing to practice hence once you practice becoming more mindfully aware you may just be surprised at what might come to the forefront of your attention which is often when you will get the AhHa moment or Lightbulb moment as some would say, as you realise that you have been behaving in a way that you never even realised until you made a decision to become more aware! This also applies to recognising patterns or behaviours that you do not like or want in your life and know that it is ok to replace some of these patterns or behaviours whilst recognising what makes you Feel good, what lights your fire, what makes you laugh, what makes you love. Often in life it can be what you are resisting that will continue to keep persisting!


Ah now when you practice becoming more aware we will more often than not start to create more acceptance of not only ourselves but of others, you see when we allow ourselves to accept something or someone we come to realise that it frees us up to be more of who we truly are then understanding that you may or may not like someone else's behaviour but it does not necessarily mean that you do not like or love them. You see the thing is when you become more accepting it is so much easier to make decisions in your day that may have once been quite difficult for you and are now much easier, when we can be totally honest with ourselves and others in a kind and loving way it allows us to be our true authentic selves as opposed to behaving in a way that someone else may expect of us! This to is something that you can only continue to practice daily it is then you will notice small changes occurring that will wash over you and help you become more caring, nurturing, confident in all areas of your own life! This can be a very attractive quality in a person and brings with it a lot of courage and strength! As l grew in this are of my own life l truly cared and loved the person l have become inside and out (comfortable in my own skin so to say) so l stopped trying to please others all the time to like me it took a lot to work through my own insecurities that mostly stemmed from my upbringing, so now l have that awareness l now have so much more acceptance of myself and others. Until we get to this place of being the best version of ourselves it is very challenging to truly be there in the best way possible for others! Many years ago l think we were taught to take care of everyone and everything first we came last on the list which created tiredness, resentment, grumpiness, fear, anger and lets face it who wants to be around that kind of energy? so if you want something to change in your life you HAVE to Let it Begin with You! (in saying that there are so many other things that relate to this like setting healthy boundaries for yourself and that is a whole other blog)


Ok this is sometimes the tricky one - often yes it can be very easy to talk about how you might like to change something in your life then realizing it takes daily Action steps to create the changes, this is where it is important to be able to understand your likes and dislikes to help in gaining clarity with why you want to start making different decisions in your daily life and a wonderful excersise to get clear about this is by going to the attached document on What your Average ordinary day looks like for you and how you would want it to change on your own self development journey (pdf)

Then allow yourself to Embrace uncertainty the more the three A's become part of your practice you cultivate a new way of living that will feel very natural, flowing, simplified and bucket loads of FUN!

The three C's


Some of us perceive the word courage to mean doing something daring like skydiving or fast car racing and yes l would think it would take courage to participate in those things. However real courage comes from within by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, being totally honest to yourself and others! It takes a lot of Courage to change as when you are so used to being a certain way and everyone knows you to be that way it can cause conflict with others when you are taking the steps to change. So know that yes it can get challenging as not everyone you know will be happy about the changes you are making and that is ok as right now the person you are focusing on and becoming aware of is YOU yes you. How important is it to you to be living the Rest of your life to become the Best of your life whilst creating a ripple effect in your own future by being a wonderful role model as the people who like what they see will want to know what it is you have been doing to become so happy, calm and confident whilst having compassion, empathy and love. This allows you the benefits of building better relationships by having the ability to bring out the Best in others, first we have to give ourselves permission to be willing to have the courage to make the changes and show up everyday!

The true meaning of courage is not the absence of fear but rather the ability to overcome fear when we want something bad enough. ... In order to tap into this power, you must practice and increase your bravery one courageous act at a time.


One of the questions l ask all of my clients is Are you 100% committed to show up everyday to create the life that you want ? My reason for that is if you feel that this is something you really want to do and be you will show up, if you have the feeling of trust and connection with me you will be excited to want to show up each day and look forward to what is coming next, even if certain practices are challenging as l am sure they will be. This is about pushing through any fears that may show up and having someone to help you along the way and make you accountable. As l understand that nothing will shift if l am not committed to show up daily by continuing the practices of mindfulness in everything that l am partaking in throughout my day no matter where l am, who l am with, what l am doing and how l am being when l am doing! This is also about being kind to yourself, keeping your promises to yourself, remember this is all about you right now!


When you adhere to your values you will soon come to the realisation of how important it is to be consistent with showing up daily. At the moment what do you do in your day that is consistent? What do you participate in that brings you Fun, Laughter and Happiness? Why is it important to you to give yourself permission to live and EXTRA-ORDINARY life? What are you prepared to give up to believe that every day is a GIFT just waiting for you to learn and explore, becoming curious about why you are here on this planet earth! What can you contribute? What would it take for you to be consistent? Who would you have to say NO to? What would you like to say YES to! Are you willing to take total responsibility for your own actions? Please contact me below to answer a few of these questions and Let us get started on taking you on a brand new journey through life! What would it take for you to be your true authentic self and truly Love and Appreciate that person who is YOU?

Get Inspired

This is a wonderful time to make that change one day at a time by saying YES to creating the REST of your Life to become the BEST of your life - make an appointment with me now for your first free session and l promise you that l will devote my utmost as a mentor / Mindfulness + Awareness = Happiness coach to assist you 100% to help you DISCOVER what lights you up! I can honestly say the journey l have started on by saying YES to life has changed all areas of my life and l could not be happier to be of service in helping you discover your goals, aspirations and dreams. The power of now is where it starts, trust yourself if this feels right for you now listen to your intuition and start the process one step at a time.

Email the answers to my questions below or book your first Free consultation now

What is holding you back?

Would you like to embrace change rather than fear it?

Is discovering your passion and purpose in life something you want?

Do you notice what your distractions are?

Are you a procrastinator?

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